New In Review: Catwoman: Hunted

Catwoman: Hunted is DC’s latest direct-to-video movie, written by Greg Weisman and directed by ¬†Shinsuke Terasawa, it stars Elizabeth Gilles as Catwoman and Stephanie Beatriz as Batwoman. Rounding out the cast is Jonathan Banks, Keith David, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Lauren Cohen, Zerah Fazal, Kelly Hu, Steve Blum, Jaqueline Obradors, Andrew Kishino, Eric Lopez, Ron Yuan and Jonathan Frakes.

After stealing a priceless jewel, Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman, finds herself on the hit list of a conglomerate of crime bosses known as “Leviathan.” Having been forced to team up with Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman and Interpol agents Julia Pennyworth (Cohen) and King Faraday (Frakes), Catwoman now has to help take down this cadre if she wants to avoid prison or death.

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New In Review: Batman The Long Halloween Part 2

Batman The Long Halloween Part 2 is the follow up to the direct-to-video animated film released last month. It features the return of Jensen Ackles as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Josh Duhamel as Harvey Dent, Billy Burke as Jim Gordon, Titus Welliver as Carmine Falcone, Jim Pirri as Sal Maroni, Julie Nathanson as Gilda Dent, David Dastmalchian as the Calendar Man, Naya Rivera as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Alastair Duncan as Alfred, Fred Tatasciore as Solomon Grundy and Troy Baker as the Joker. New additions include Laila Berzins as Sophia Falcone, Robin Atkin Downes as the Scarecrow, John DiMaggio as the Mad Hatter and Katie Sackhoff as Poison Ivy.

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