Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Long Way to Morning



Happy Halloween everyone! Before we begin the next analysis I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Gargoyles just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary, just last week in fact.  Which would make it the Silver Anniversary if I recall correctly.  Anyway…

Last time on Gargoyles.

Xanatos and the gargoyles duked it out.  Xanatos in a spiffy new battle armor and the gargoyles with just their dukes.

Oh and Elisa got a new partner, a conspiracy theorist named Matt Bluestone.

“Dork probably believes in Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster too.”

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Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Deadly Force


Previously on Gargoyles, Brooklyn got his first solo episode and was the new victim of naivete when his trust in Demona was abused and nearly got Goliath permanently brainwashed.  Also there was this really cool motorcycle that was blown up.

The episode begins on the docks where Owen is overseeing a shipment of some crates belonging to Xanatos Enterprises.  Suddenly a group of men with gas masks appear and start firing gas grenades, and though Owen attempts to stop them they still manage to hijack the truck and make off with the crates much to Owen’s displeasure.

“We are not amused.”

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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Temptation


Last time on Gargoyles, we had an episode centered on Lexington as he and Goliath were hunted by a team of TV stars/mercenaries that he and the rest of the Gargoyles had previously idolized.  Bringing to mind that old adage, “Never meet your heroes, because heroes are people and people suck.”

For this episode, we start off with the Trio at some old garage where Lex is putting the finishing touches onto a motorcycle to the impatience of Broadway and Brooklyn.

Not even a year in the modern world and he’s already welding? That’s impressive.

Broadway: Isn’t it finished yet? We’ve been here every night for a week.

Brooklyn: Come on. You’ve ridden one before.

Lexington: You’ve ridden a horse before, could you build one from scratch?

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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles The Thrill of the Hunt


Before I begin I feel I should clear something up.  Reviews for episodes of Gargoyles are most likely going to be lengthy and go into great detail for the simple reason that there are a lot of details to pretty much every episode. Not a whole lot is spent on meaningless filler meant to pad out the episode, there’s usually some overarching plot or narrative that will connect one episode to another.  Plus characters who may seem minor now could become major players later on so if you fail to mention them early on you’re left trying bring up all the details later on.  In short, Gargoyles is a show that plays the long game when it comes to storytelling and if you don’t pay attention then you’re likely to miss something important.


“Well that’s a blatant attempt to justify your lengthy writing.”
“Quiet you.”


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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 5


Previously on Gargoyles…

Our heroes find themselves once again held at gun point, their benefactor is acting particularly shady and the sole female of their species has become bloodthirsty to the point that it’s disturbing Goliath, and he was previously seen fighting vikings in the Middle Ages. And now the thrilling conclusion.

Picking up where we left off, with the Trio and lots of guns.

Brooklyn: Sorry, wrong floor.

Hey, I used that joke in the last episode.

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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 3



Previously on Gargoyles…I forgot to mention that the second episode is the first time we see the proper opening to the show including its theme song. It’s composed by Carl Johnson and played over clips of the previous episodes, as well as a few that we haven’t seen yet. It’s entirely instrumental and has a very dark, Gothic yet magnificently  triumphant at the same I can see why Carl Johnson earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the show.

The show opens proper with Detective Maza speaking with Owen about the light show, falling debris and explosions which Owens spins as an exploding generator. Elisa however points out that an exploding generator doesn’t sound anything like automatic weapon fire, so with the prospect of her returning with a warrant Owen takes her up to survey the scene and meet with Xanatos.

Elisa Maza: What exactly did happen here Mr. Xanatos? And please, don’t try to tell me it was an exploding generator.

Xanatos: Owen was a little confused. That’s for the press. The truth is that my men repelled an invasion by a rival corporation trying to steal some of our new technology.

Elisa Maza: “Repelled an invasion”? You’re a private citizen, Xanatos. Not a country.

Xanatos: Detective, l am the owner of a multinational corporation, which is bigger than many countries you could name.


“Besides, this is America. Corporations have more rights than the average citizen.”

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