Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Legion

Previously on Gargoyles, Elisa’s brother found himself the victim of another Xanatos scheme as he and several homeless were forcibly mutated into half-cat, half-bat, half-electric eel hybrids. Derek, now calling himself Talon, swears revenge against Goliath and the gargoyles when he thinks they destroyed his only chance at being cured and Eliza swears revenge against Xanatos for what he’s done to Derek. And to no one’s surprise, Tim Curry turns out to be evil.

But enough focusing on a life Xanatos ruined. Instead let’s focus on a life Demona and Xanatos ruined.

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New In Review: Catwoman: Hunted

Catwoman: Hunted is DC’s latest direct-to-video movie, written by Greg Weisman and directed by  Shinsuke Terasawa, it stars Elizabeth Gilles as Catwoman and Stephanie Beatriz as Batwoman. Rounding out the cast is Jonathan Banks, Keith David, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Lauren Cohen, Zerah Fazal, Kelly Hu, Steve Blum, Jaqueline Obradors, Andrew Kishino, Eric Lopez, Ron Yuan and Jonathan Frakes.

After stealing a priceless jewel, Selina Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman, finds herself on the hit list of a conglomerate of crime bosses known as “Leviathan.” Having been forced to team up with Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman and Interpol agents Julia Pennyworth (Cohen) and King Faraday (Frakes), Catwoman now has to help take down this cadre if she wants to avoid prison or death.

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Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Metamorphosis

We enter episode 2 of Season 2 with a “Previously On…” recapping the events of “Her Brother’s Keeper.” Detailing Elisa’s brother Derek and his concern over what he believes is an obsession on her part over Xanatos, him quitting the police force to work as Xanatos’ personal pilot and bodyguard, and Elisa admitting that Derek does need to live his own life but she still knows Xanatos is bad news.

The episode begins properly down in the lowly streets of New York City where we see several homeless gathering around, trying to keep warm. One young woman (Kath Soucie) is explaining to a shadowy figure that her situation is just a temporary setback and she expects to be back on her feet soon enough. The figure voiced by…Tim Curry?!

“You rang?”
“Gah! How many evil people are in this series anyway?!

“Less than you think, more than you can imagine!”

Brrr. Anyway the stranger explains that he’s in need of a temporary assistant and he’s more than willing to help her out, all while wearing an expression usually reserved for members on the Family Watchdog list.

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Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Leader of the Pack

It’s the beginning of Season 2 here at Gargoyles; the first season was full of culture shock, betrayals, swords, sorcery, robots, lasers, very special episodes that didn’t feel ham-fisted. You have to wonder where things can go from here.

Season 2 also marks a change to the opening, previously the opening was a montage of clips from the series accompanied with moody, atmospheric music. Now there’s an accompanying narration too, as provided by Goliath.

“One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled.
It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear.
It was the age of gargoyles.
Stone by day, warriors by night,
We were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect,
frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years.
Now, here in Manhattan, the spell is broken, AND WE LIVE AGAIN!
We are defenders of the night!

The last two lines match well with the crescendo of the opening theme and the narration helps set up what the series is about to new viewers. Anyway, previously on Gargoyles

Oh. This episode actually provides a “Previously on…” of its own. That’s also new. It covers the previous episodes covering the Pack and how Fox is the only one who actually knows that they’re working for Xanatos, ending once more with her swooning over his brilliance.

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Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Reawakening

Last time-

“You were doing these reviews in February.”
“Hey, I’ve been busy!”

Anyway, last time on-

“Really? Since the pandemic you haven’t had a moment to yourself? For Pete’s sake you took all of August off.”
“Shut. Up. Snake in the Grass!”

Anyway, last time on Gargoyles, Elisa’s younger brother started working for Xanatos, Jackal and Hyena got arrested, the Trio got a helicopter and Spoiler Warning: it never shows up again. Now let’s get on with the recap.

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Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Long Way to Morning



Happy Halloween everyone! Before we begin the next analysis I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Gargoyles just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary, just last week in fact.  Which would make it the Silver Anniversary if I recall correctly.  Anyway…

Last time on Gargoyles.

Xanatos and the gargoyles duked it out.  Xanatos in a spiffy new battle armor and the gargoyles with just their dukes.

Oh and Elisa got a new partner, a conspiracy theorist named Matt Bluestone.

“Dork probably believes in Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster too.”

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Review and Analysis: Gargoyles Deadly Force


Previously on Gargoyles, Brooklyn got his first solo episode and was the new victim of naivete when his trust in Demona was abused and nearly got Goliath permanently brainwashed.  Also there was this really cool motorcycle that was blown up.

The episode begins on the docks where Owen is overseeing a shipment of some crates belonging to Xanatos Enterprises.  Suddenly a group of men with gas masks appear and start firing gas grenades, and though Owen attempts to stop them they still manage to hijack the truck and make off with the crates much to Owen’s displeasure.

“We are not amused.”

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