Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Final

I’d like to tell you a story, once upon a time animation became the biggest commercial for young children in America. The shows were used to sell toys, which in turn would help pay for the animation used in making shows. This paved the way for merchandise-driven cartoons like The Transformers and G.I. Joe; from that same era came Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and from that came a whole lot of imitators. They did everything from sharks to dinosaurs in an attempt to get a piece of the success that TMNT was. The only thing more obvious than the imitation was the blatant commercialization.

This is what makes Gargoyles so unique in its approach, while merchandise did exist for the show.

I unashamedly admit that I owned this.

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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 5


Previously on Gargoyles…

Our heroes find themselves once again held at gun point, their benefactor is acting particularly shady and the sole female of their species has become bloodthirsty to the point that it’s disturbing Goliath, and he was previously seen fighting vikings in the Middle Ages. And now the thrilling conclusion.

Picking up where we left off, with the Trio and lots of guns.

Brooklyn: Sorry, wrong floor.

Hey, I used that joke in the last episode.

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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 3



Previously on Gargoyles…I forgot to mention that the second episode is the first time we see the proper opening to the show including its theme song. It’s composed by Carl Johnson and played over clips of the previous episodes, as well as a few that we haven’t seen yet. It’s entirely instrumental and has a very dark, Gothic yet magnificently  triumphant at the same I can see why Carl Johnson earned an Emmy nomination for his work on the show.

The show opens proper with Detective Maza speaking with Owen about the light show, falling debris and explosions which Owens spins as an exploding generator. Elisa however points out that an exploding generator doesn’t sound anything like automatic weapon fire, so with the prospect of her returning with a warrant Owen takes her up to survey the scene and meet with Xanatos.

Elisa Maza: What exactly did happen here Mr. Xanatos? And please, don’t try to tell me it was an exploding generator.

Xanatos: Owen was a little confused. That’s for the press. The truth is that my men repelled an invasion by a rival corporation trying to steal some of our new technology.

Elisa Maza: “Repelled an invasion”? You’re a private citizen, Xanatos. Not a country.

Xanatos: Detective, l am the owner of a multinational corporation, which is bigger than many countries you could name.


“Besides, this is America. Corporations have more rights than the average citizen.”

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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 2



When last we left our heroes, the castle they were sworn to protect was sacked, the people inside taken prisoner, their clan killed in their sleep and the one human who didn’t treat them like garbage betrayed them. Also there was a segment involving New York in the 1990’s.

I swear this episode helps connect the two.

The episode starts off where the first one left off, with Goliath cursing the heavens.

“Curse you heavens!”

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Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 1


It’s interesting to look back and see the things that impacted our childhood. Sometimes we grow up and grow out of them, sometimes we look back at them through the lens of nostalgia and we find the flaws we missed as children. And sometimes we look back and find the things that helped shaped our tastes and interests into adulthood even if we weren’t able to recognize them at an early age.

Such was the case for me and Gargoyles, an animated series that first premiered in 1994. It’s eclecticism when it came to storytelling heavily shaped my interests as an adult, giving me a broad viewpoint on fiction. When it came to fictional topics, nothing was off limits, this show had everything a growing boy needed. Sword and sorcery, science fiction, crime noir, comedy, Shakespearean tragedy (heavy on the Shakespeare), world mythology, fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, the works.

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Introductions Are In Order I Believe

Hello lovely people of the Interweb!

My name (or at least my nom de plume here) is Matt the Media Hunter. Your average Millennial with a love of fiction in all it’s forms, an overactive brain and way too much time on my hands. And as the description implies I’m looking for quality in all the odd places.

Now what does that mean? Well it’s simple, it means I’m going to sift through film, television, books and the like to find the exceptional or possibly unexceptional since I know folks love to hear critics rip apart the really bad stuff. Go through the old, the new, the mainstream and the obscure to try and find the reasons why we love the things we love and hate the things we hate. Possibly find flecks of gold in piles of crap and something secretly terrible in works of art.

Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t I just following the trend of other more popular review blogs and hoping to crib off of their success?

Well to be perfectly honest. Yes.

But hey, what is the internet but a place to exchange ideas and share opinions, no matter how ludicrous or ill-informed?

So come along with me, as we tackle the media both domestic and foreign and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

And while we’re doing that, I’ll try to figure out how this blog-thing works.


And here’s a sunset over the water, apparently it came with the website. Ain’t it inspirational?