Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 4


When last we left our heroes, despite Elisa’s comment that she and Goliath were probably the only couple in Central Park that doesn’t have to worry about being mugged the episode ends with them being mugged. Because the gods of irony have a cruel sense of humor.

Elisa manages to slip through the grasp of the thug holding her and prevents the leader from shooting Goliath. Rocked by a burst of adrenaline, Goliath manages to shake off the rest of the attackers and flees with Elisa deeper into the park.

We’re then treated to a little side bit involving the trio. They’re not exactly used to having to glide the length of of Manhattan and getting tired. After seeing a pedestrian flag down a taxi they attempt to do the same, only for they guy to make a fast U-turn and speed the opposite way.

No manners at all. Guy must be from Jersey.

Back at the action, Goliath and Elisa hide out underneath a bridge as the adrenaline has worn off and the drugs are kicking back in. Then Elisa notices something unusual, Goliath’s been bugged.

Appropriately enough with a scarab logo on it.

While Goliath wonders how it got on him Elisa sticks it to the fur of nearby stray dog and sends it off.

Meanwhile, Hudson has gotten the hang of the TV and is now thoroughly enjoying it, even the garg-dog has curled up on a nice sofa. When they notice dawn fast approaching they’re greeted by the returning Trio who take a moment to gush about the modern world. The lights, the food, the subway (which may be the first time anyone has gushed about the subway) before they notice Goliath hasn’t returned yet. However Hudson isn’t too worried, feeling that they didn’t survive a thousand years just to lose him now. And well, this isn’t George R. R. Martin, they’re not going to kill off their lead this early in the series.

Back in the park the drugs are still affecting Goliath and with the sun now rising there’s no chance of him returning to the castle. Elisa asks him what happens at sunrise but soon sees a Goliath shaped statue where Goliath once was. With him now completely defenseless, Elisa leads the thugs further away.

We’re then treated to a pretty cool sequence as Elisa goes all Die Hard on the group, taking them out one by one. Even jumping into the lake to avoid an exploding boat house.

Eat your heart out John McClane.

She then takes out the rest of the group, even getting the leader with the old “distract them with a jacket hanging from something while you take them out from behind trick” before judo flipping him into unconsciousness.

Elisa Maza: Lot to go through for a piece of lawn sculpture.

She then spends the rest of the day keeping watch over Goliath’s sleeping form to make sure nothing else threatens him. Like like tourists or pigeons. When night falls Goliath awakens fully rejuvenated and recovered. Also pleasantly surprised that Elisa stayed up all day looking after him, in fact he seems rather touched by all this and offers his hand in friendship to her. This is probably the first time in a thousand years that Goliath has interacted with a human without a sense of apprehension or suspicion and he looks just as surprised as she does about the whole thing. And Goliath rather awkwardly leaves, but not before promising to see her again later that night.

This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The rest of the clan awaken and are soon greeted by the returning form of Goliath who explains that they have enemies all while Xanatos watches and tells Owen that they’re ready for him. When the Trio hear about Hudson and the fact that he’s now going by that name rather than their usual “friend” they decide to take names of their own to suit their new life in New York. So Red Pterodactyl Guy becomes Brooklyn, Big Aqua chooses Broadway, Little Green decides on Lexington and they also give their garg-dog the name of Bronx. And with that I can finally start referring to them by proper names.

Owen calls down Goliath to Xanatos’ office where he’s set up a little meeting with someone from Goliath’s past.

Because nothing’s as romantic as a close up on a thousand-yard stare with heavy shadows.
“Gasp! Who could have seen that coming?”
‘Yeah, it’s not like we saw her silhouette in the last episode.”

Goliath is overjoyed to see his mate once again and happily embraces her. When asked exactly how this all happened she explains that she went off searching for him but like him was caught in the sunrise. When she finally made her way back to the castle the Magus had already cast his spell and asked him to do the same to her, and that they owe their reunion to David Xanatos. Hmm. David and Goliath? Seems a bit on the nose. Anyways, Xanatos explains that he found her a year ago and after he successfully awoke them from their sleep he’d try the same method on her.

After a happy reunion with the rest of the clan, Goliath’s mate tells him that they should help retrieve the disks stolen from Xanatos, and after his recent brush with the team of mercenaries Goliath agrees.

Xanatos briefs the rest of the clan on the three Cyberbiotics bases on their weak spots and best points of entry. Goliath decides that he and his mate will take the air fortress, Hudson and Bronx the underground base and the Trio will take the tower.

Brooklyn: Cool!

Goliath: What?

Broadway: It’s a new word we learned last night.

Lexington: It indicates a positive response.

“I don’t understand the kids these days at all.”

I’d actually like to take a moment and be grateful that they decided to use a slang word that actually has survived the years before and after this episode premiered. If they went with “hip” or “rad” this episode would be dated even further than the VHS tapes already had.

As they all prepare for their respective missions Goliath shares a tender moment with his mate.

Goliath: To soar with you again, it’s like a dream.

Female Gargoyle: We’ve dreamed for a thousand years Goliath, it’s time for our dreams to come true.

“Oye, shmaltz.”

And so the teams soar off into the night to the targets. It’s not long before the two of them make it to the flying fortress and after some difficulty with the wind shears manage to make it inside.

I feel like I should be listening to the Super Mario Bros. Airship Theme when I look at this.

Goliath: The disk will be well-guarded, no doubt.

Female Gargoyle: If humans wish to throw away their worthless lives guarding it, that’s their concern.

And Goliath seems more than a little perturbed by that statement. But before I he can press the issue a pair of guards appear and hold them at gunpoint. The female attempts to bluff them into not firing saying it would damage the ship but the sight of a red-eyed, monster advancing on them understandably freaks them out and they fire anyway, Goliath manages to save her and the two of them knock out the guards. And then she decides to take one of the guards and drop him out of the air ship.

Goliath: Wait. What are you doing?

Female Gargoyle: What does it look like? l’m making sure they don’t cause us more trouble later.

Goliath: No! To kill in the heat of battle is one thing but not like this!

And his mate glares unimpressed at Goliath before ultimately deciding not to throw the guard to his death, though she still throws him offscreen.

Female Gargoyle: The centuries have made you weak, Goliath.

And as our hero takes all of this in, he looks on despondently at how much his mate has changed since that fateful night a thousand years ago.

Meanwhile at the tower, the Trio have managed to sneak in without trouble and are easily making their way down the elevator shaft.

Broadway: This is easy. We’ll have that disc and be home in time for supper…

Only as they open the elevator doors they come face to face with a whole heavily armed squad.

Broadway: A late supper.

“Looks like we got off on the wrong floor.”

And the episode ends as it began, with a gun pointed at our heroes.

To be concluded in part 5!

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