Analysis and Review: Gargoyles Awakening Part 5


Previously on Gargoyles…

Our heroes find themselves once again held at gun point, their benefactor is acting particularly shady and the sole female of their species has become bloodthirsty to the point that it’s disturbing Goliath, and he was previously seen fighting vikings in the Middle Ages. And now the thrilling conclusion.

Picking up where we left off, with the Trio and lots of guns.

Brooklyn: Sorry, wrong floor.

Hey, I used that joke in the last episode.

So they climb back up the elevator shaft to avoid the hailstorm of bullets and bypass the security by punching through the floor/ceiling to the computer room. You can tell because of the old school computer mainframes.

Really going for that retro look.

One short interrogation later and the Trio have the disk and are on their way back to the castle.

Down beneath the city Hudson and Bronx are wandering the old subway tunnels while Hudson ruminates on how they got talked into this. As they approach the obligatory big metal door to the base, Hudson notices a security camera watching the door. And while he may not know much about the modern era he probably recognizes a lookout spot when he sees one. Plus he’s been watching TV all of last night so he might’ve learned about cameras somewhere in that time.

So Hudson approaches the door startling the heck out of the base commander.

“My God, that’s the biggest rat I’ve ever seen!”

Hudson finds himself surrounded by armed guards and the doors open to bring him inside. But it turns out Hudson was counting that, after all, what better way to infiltrate an enemy stronghold than to be invited in? Bronx suddenly leaps from the shadows tackling some guards while Hudson knocks out the rest. Only to find himself faces with a more difficult challenge, trying to find a disk in a computer console. Luckily the adage of Colin Maud, “anything mechanical, give it a good bash” pays off as Hudson smacks his hand in frustration the disk pops out.

The two of them flee the base with the even more obligatory “I’m getting too old for this!” line but are pursued by more guards forcing them to jump onto the top of a passing train and no doubt freaking the people inside out. Before heading back to the castle.

“Oh great. Spider-Man’s fighting Doc Ock again.”

Back on the airship, the commander is informed of the theft of the other two disks right in time for the gargoyles to break right into the control room. Goliath makes short work of the guards while his mate acquires the disk, and after she does she decides to sabotage the controls and sets the bridge on fire.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me that face just looks perfectly rational.

Goliath is shocked by her actions and doesn’t want to leave the humans on an airship that’s gone past “descending” and is rapidly approaching “crashing” but she drags him along and they make their escape.

The ship crashes into the Hudson (not the gargoyle, the river) and the crew abandon the sinking ship. Well the sight of a crashing air fortress into a river is sure to bring the cops and Elisa is coincidentally the first on the scene, as she stares at the utter devastation she also notices two gargoyles swooping by and recognizes Goliath.

Back at the castle, the two of them deliver the last disk to Xanatos who promises to use the knowledge on them for the benefit of humans and gargoyles alike. Goliath goes to meet with Elisa as he previously promised but his mate seems more than a little incensed at that.

Female Gargoyle: Aside from Xanatos, we have no human friends, nor should we. Humanity is our enemy, Goliath. I thought you learned that a millennium ago.

Goliath: I cannot make war upon an entire world! Doesn’t Xanatos prove that there are good humans as well as bad?

Female Gargoyle: Can you forgive the humans for what they did to our kind?

Goliath: The ones responsible for that have been dead for a thousand years.

Female Gargoyle: Then their descendants shall pay! I will have blood for blood!

Goliath: You said the centuries have changed me. They’ve changed you, too. You’ve become hard, unforgiving. You’re not as I remember you. I’m going to see my friend now.

And while she seems more than a little shocked at his comment to her, in the end she simply glares at him and grumbles “So be it.” Meanwhile, Xanatos secretly watches all of this and Goliath leaving the castle.

Xanatos: Goliath, it seems, is too hard to control. Hm. A pity.

“And I was really looking forward to team Bingo night.”

Goliath meets up with Elisa who informs him that Cyberbiotics reported three different robberies and that she saw Goliath gliding away from the wrecked airship. Goliath explains that they were merely returning the disks that were stolen from Xanatos back to him when Elisa drops a truth-bomb on him. That scarab-like logo that was on the tracker attached to him? It’s the logo to a robotics company owned by Xanatos Enterprises.

“Dun Dun Dun!”

Goliath is shocked to learn this and Elisa continues. She explains that nothing was stolen from Xanatos and the initial attack was merely to stage a theft, Xanatos tricked all of them into conducting industrial theft and sabotage. He’s been using them since they awoke.

Elisa Maza: Listen Goliath, we haven’t know each other very long and I know you don’t have any good reason to trust humans… But you’ve got to trust somebody in this world. And I think you’d be better off with me than with Xanatos.

And Goliath growls and clenches his fist in response to learning this.

Xanatos stands before a group of very large figures covered in sheets and explains to Owen that he can’t rely on the gargoyles anymore. Makes sense, if Goliath proves to be too unreliable for his more shadier plans than it stands to reason that the rest of the clan will follow suit. Fortunately the data provided by the stolen disks will allow him to bring their “replacements” on line. Owen informs him that dawn is only  few hours away and then the gargoyles will be completely defenseless, however the female emerges from the shadows and tells him that they need to test the “replacements.”

At the castle the Trio are enjoying some downtime; Brooklyn’s watching the city wearing sunglasses at night (I guess the Blues Brothers told him it was cool), Broadway’s eating again, and Lexington’s playing with a computer.

Really going retro with the computers this episode. Wonder how much memory that box has got.

Suddenly, a laser blast shoots right by them and the three of are confronted by five robotic gargoyles designed to look like Goliath.


And Xanatos gives the order to attack.

“Our phasers are at the ready Captain.”
“Make it so Number One.”

Taken completely by surprise, Broadway is blasted off the tower and hits the ground hard, knocking him out. Lexington attempts to avoid them but the jet-powered robots soon catch up to him and he’s knocked out too.

Xanatos: What did l tell you, Owen? A vast improvement. They’re steel instead of stone, they don’t sleep during the day, they can fly instead of glide, and, best of all, they’re 100 percent obedient.

Brooklyn manages to catch Lexington but the two of them are sitting ducks, luckily Goliath makes his dramatic entrance at that point and tackles one of the robots into a wall destroying it. Roused by the noises, Hudson and Bronx rush outside and soon join the battle.

“Dae ye think this bloody castle ken stop bein’ attacked fer at least ONE NIGHT?!”

Bronx grabs the tail of one of the robots (do you think that was a necessary component for the robot’s design?) and Hudson bisects its head and torso with his sword while Elisa rushes up the building.

Goliath manages to outmaneuver another robot and flies it right into another one, hopefully that patch that bug in the software when they upgrade, and Xanatos admits that his “Steel Clan” isn’t performing as he hoped so he and the female decide to take matters into their own hands.

Goliath and Brooklyn take out the last robot by dropping some debris on its head, and with that, the Steel Clan is destroyed.

Hudson: And they said the Middle Ages were barbaric.

Brooklyn: We won dude!

Goliath: “Dude?”

“It’s a non-gendered pronoun. At least in California.”

But before they can properly celebrate the female comes out with a frikkin’ rocket launcher and blasts the tower they were standing on before angrily confronting Goliath while Xanatos keeps the others at bay with his laser rifle.

Female Gargoyle: Goliath, you’re a fool. But then, you always were, weren’t you? If you’d only taken the rest of our clan away from the castle that night. The plan was perfect.

Goliath: Plan?

Female Gargoyle: It would’ve succeeded!

GoliathWhat plan?

She explains that she made a plan with the Captain of the Guard, Goliath would’ve led the rest of the gargoyles out of the castle and the Captain would sabotage the defenses allowing the vikings to sack the castle. After the humans were gone the castle would belong to the gargoyles. But she blames Goliath for keeping them at the castle to protect the humans and the Captain for failing to protect them. Goliath asks why she did it and she goes even further into her rant.

Female Gargoyle: You can ask me that? After how they treated us, they had to pay. All humanity has to pay for what they did to our kind!

Goliath: There is good and evil in all of us, human and gargoyle alike. You should know that more than anyone.

And then he pokes one little hole into her logic.

Goliath: Don’t you see, none of this would have happened if it weren’t for you.

She tries once again to appeal to him, this time playing on his emotions, but calling all of humanity a poison that needs to be purged isn’t something that would win him over and all he can give her is tears of anger and grief over yet another betrayal. At which point she launches the standard “if you’re not with me you’re against me” cliche before launching another rocket at him which he barely dodges.

Female Gargoyle: I have a name too, Goliath. The humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die. I am Demona.

“And now I can truly call them all by their proper names. Wait-did she say she got her name a long time ago? But she also said she was awakened after the rest of the clan.”


Demona prepares to finish off Goliath with one final shot.

You know point-blank range with a rocket launcher is going to do as much harm to yourself as it will do to him.

Before Elisa makes a dramatic entrance of her own and redirects the the rocket, which destroys another tower which in turn destroys the wall they were standing on, causing Elisa and Demona to fall off the castle.

“Falling off the side of a building twice in the span of two days. Not fun”

Goliath swoops down and rescues Elisa, but Demona is pelted with rubble and unable to extend her wings, and she plummets till she’s off-screen.

I just hope gravity’s bloodlust is quenched for the time being.

At the sight of his one time mate and most trusted lieutenant potentially dying and in light of everything that’s happened Goliath roars his frustrations into the night.

Dude definitely has a flair for the dramatic. 

Goliath then decides to take out his frustrations on the only other betrayer at hand and dangles Xanatos over the side.

Goliath: She wanted me to destroy humanity, I think I’ll start with you!

Xanatos however, is pretty nonplussed at the threat.

Xanatos: Go ahead. Without me, you’d still be gathering moss.

Before he can go through with it though, Elisa and Hudson arrive to stop him. Elisa telling him that doing that would make him no better than Demona and Hudson asking him if he really wants that. And Goliath reluctantly disagrees.

“Te kill in the heat o’ battle is one thing, but nae like this.”

And so Xanatos is arrested most likely over receiving stolen property, and there’s only so much castle debris you can drop on the streets of New York before people start complaining. At the castle Goliath wonders whether Demona survived the fall and Hudson muses that if she did they’ll find out soon enough. As the Trio prepare for sunrise we get one last gag involving Chinese food and how you’re hungry again after an hour. Makes me think about the jokes you miss as a kid.

At the top of the tower Goliath and Elisa share one last heart to heart before sunrise.

Goliath: It’s nice to know l have at least one human friend in this new world.

Elisa Maza: l hope you have more – lots more. But whether you do or not, I’ll always be your friend, Goliath. Same time tomorrow night?

Goliath: I wouldn’t miss it.

Elisa Maza: Good, maybe we’ll catch a Giants game.

Goliath: Giants?!

“But they’re based in San Franciscooooh. You mean the football team.”

And with one last look of confusion, Goliath turns to stone for the day.

Elisa Maza: l wonder if this city’s ready for you guys.

Eh, New Yorkers can get used to anything, least of all giant creatures from the Middle Ages.

And that concludes the five-part pilot of Gargoyles. Come back this Halloween as I break down the characters, themes and overall setting of one of Disney’s most ambitious Saturday morning cartoons.


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